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Kingfirst has more than 15 years experiences in the areas including Chemical, pharmaceutical, additives for coating, plastics and rubbers etc.


We have been the effective sourcing agent of overseas companies (API producers and finish medical form producers) for more than 15 years with reliable cooperation. Meanwhile, we act as the export agent of Chinese manufacturers.


Our tenet is to build up a bridge between overseas customers and Chinese manufacturers.


We have 6 cooperated production bases in different locations of China. They are committed to R&D particular different series compounds: organosilicone and silane compounds, additives for plastics and rubbers, bromide compounds, pharmaceutical intermediates, succinimide series products etc.



1) Organosilicone and silane compounds: factory is located in Yongxiu, Jiangxi province①.

2) Bromide and pharmaceutical intermediates: Anqinag Anhui Province②.

3) Cross linking agent: Huai’an, Jiangsu province③.

4) Succinimide series: Deqing, Zhejiang province④.

5) Fluoro series: Fuzhou, Jiangxi province⑤.

6) Tetrodotoxin: Taizhou, Jiangsu province⑥.


We have talented chemists who come from famous universities and institutes, committing ourselves to R&D and commercialization. Possessing apparent advantages over outstanding technical capability, advanced process design and complete measurement and analysis methods, we have won customers' trust based on business integrity, stable quality and excellent service for years.


Moreover, we are able to develop products based on customer's contract.